How to Use Facebook Marketplace Without A Facebook Account

How to Use Facebook Marketplace Without A Facebook Account – It is possible to have a look at the Facebook marketplace without having a personal account. Nonetheless, the FB marketplace is accessible in your profile.

We explore how to shop on Facebook without an account.

Does one need a Facebook account to sell in the Marketplace?

An account is needed for making purchases on the FB online shopping platform. One should also have a registered account, login in and only then will they get into the shop and can either browse or search for anything they need.

Create an account by visiting their website, which can be accessed using your phone or computer.

The registration process entails opening an account with the website or app and following the steps to create a profile. These include your name, e-mail address and date of birth as basic data you should submit.

Then create your account and log into the FB Marketplace where browsing or searching is possible.

What is the procedure for accessing the Facebook marketplace?

FB shop allows people to buy and sell products in their location. Having an account, one can easily access and browse or sell products at the online shopping site. This is how:

  • Log in to from your computer or open the Facebook app on your phone or tablet.
  • To log in into your Facebook account – use yout email adress, phone number or password.
  • Clicking on the “Market place” icon is situated in the home screen of iPad; it will direct you to the main page of the store.
  • A search box allows you to search for particular things whilst perusing through the listings or filtering them according to categories. One can tap or click on the “Sell” button in order to have an item listed for sale.
  • To access your saved items, messages or listings, tap or click on ‘Your Things’.

Now, FB online shopping websites allow one to sell and buy goods. Abide by the rules and etiquette of the marketplace when it comes to purchasing or selling any item.

Do you need messenger in order to use market place of facebook?

Yes, it’s possible to use FB shopping without Messenger. The purchase feature can be used together with the FB’s messenger tool, an option for users to communicate among themselves.

The FB Market place requires you to have an active FB account and log on for it to work. Upon logging into your account, select the shop tab on your website or ‘store’ option in your mobile site/app. Shopping, the search tool or just selling of your products.

In case of a question towards a seller or an item that they sell, one should write a message directly towards their online shop. To achieve this, click on the “send message” button in the listing page for the item. This is how you initiate a chat with the seller on Messenger if you want to reach out to them in that way.

If you do not want to use messenger for communication with the vendor, you can contact him by e-mail or phone. The vendor’s contact details must feature in the listings at the market place.

Using Facebook market place without a fb account.

Users can buy or sell products within their locality using the FB shop. One can still shop using this platform despite having to create an account to use the website.

The other option is logging into the shopping website as a friend on Facebook. Doing so is however bad since it goes against FB terms of service and may lead to suspensions/disabling of accounts.

The other option will be to use a burner or a fake profile to get onto the shopping section, which will also amount to violation of Facebook terms of service and could result in suspension of the account.

Can I use FB shop without having an FB account? Here are a few options:

Use a web browser
The FB shop is accessible through a web browser on your computer or smartphone. All you need to do is take a look in While you may not be able to talk to the seller within the store and actually buy the item(s), you might be able to read through the listing(s) and contact them via their respective profile or company page(s).

Use a third-party app.
Without creating a profile, users can browse through the Facebook shop or via many of such third-party apps. Some of the most popular options include Letgo, Depop, and OfferUp. In most cases, the applications contain chat and payments functions that enable you to talk with the seller and purchase their goods or services without entering your Facebook login.

Use a friend’s account:
If you want to get a Facebook Marketplace account without setting up your own account, ask your friend to set up one for you and you will be good to go. Nevertheless, this should never be considered since it is in contravention with Facebook’s terms of service leading to suspension or ban.

Why, do you need a facebook account to use Facebook marketplace?

The Facebook store allows people to buy and sell from within their neighborhoods. It has been made obligatory that a shopper should have a profile with which he or she can access the shopping site. However, why is that so?

One of the factors why this is happening in the FB online store is its integration within the platform. Whenever you sell something or purchase an item, your transaction is reflected on your profile or company page. Therefore, buyers and sellers feel a sense of obligation and reliability towards one another.

Another reason for this is that the shop’s architecture ensures that it is a safe place to buy and sell making people feel comfortable when shopping there. By requiring a registration of all users, the store can ensure that these users are indeed who they profess to be. This reduces the probability of fraud and fraud, which can sometimes be problematic issue in other online markets.

If you want to know more about this item, then send a message to the seller. After the sale, you may leave an honest review for the seller thus increasing confidence amongst other buyers in Marketplace community.

Is it possible to get scammed when using Facebook Marketplace?

Like any other online shop in Fb’s shopping platform, customers should be aware that they can easily get scammed. However, you are able to minimize such risk as a buyer or seller to protect your own self.

To begin with, when shopping and making transactions using money within the store, always be careful and keep good sense. It covers investigations of a customer or seller about the objects, questions regarding the transaction and close attention to the deal terms.

Other deals which appear like they are “too good to be true” must also be shunned. When the item is sold much cheaper than its value, and if vendor offers a quick/unusual scheme of payment, fraud involvement should be suspected in this case.

In addition, you need to remember that revealing your personal data in the Marketplace is also potentially dangerous. It is never advisable to provide a stranger with all your names, full addresses and bank account numbers. When trying to wrap up a deal, seek an open space with a companion such as a friend or a relative for safety reasons.

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