How To Unclog A Toilet Clogged With Paper Towels

How To Unclog A Toilet Clogged With Paper TowelsEverybody has experienced this situation: you flush the toilet, but instead of the water swirling down, it begins to climb dangerously near the rim. You become anxious when you notice that your toilet is clogged and, upon more inquiry, you determine that paper towels are to blame. It’s a frequent accident, but do not worry! This thorough instruction will show you step-by-step how to clear a toilet clogged with paper towels so you can reclaim your bathroom’s functionality and prevent any messy accidents. Let’s get started and bid adieu to the frustration and shame of a clogged toilet!

Recognizing the Obstacle: Why Are Paper Towels So Difficult?

It’s important to comprehend why paper towels provide a special issue when they clog a toilet before we move on to the answers. Paper towels are created to be strong and absorbent, in contrast to toilet paper, which is intended to degrade quickly when exposed to moisture. Due to their resistance to disintegration, they become clumpy and difficult to remove from your plumbing.

Materials Required

Assemble the necessary supplies before you start the unclogging procedure:

Rubber gloves: It’s essential to safeguard your hands during the process and uphold proper hygiene.
Plunger: A plunger is a crucial piece of equipment for unclogging a toilet.
Bucket: This can be required to empty the basin of extra water.
A bucket of hot (but not boiling) water should always be on hand.
Dish soap in liquid form: A few drops of this can lubricate the pipes.
Guide, Step-by-Step How to Unclog Your Toilet

Put your rubber gloves on first to protect your hands from bacteria and germs. It’s crucial to practice basic hygiene throughout this procedure.

Lay down old newspapers or towels around the toilet to catch any conceivable spillage and facilitate cleanup.

Remove Extra Water: If the toilet bowl is overflowing, remove some of the extra water using a bucket. By taking this action, you can use the plunger without worrying about the toilet overflowing.

Plunge It: Firmly place the rubber end of the plunger over the toilet bowl’s drain hole. Make sure the seal is solid. Start the plunge by pressing down forcefully and quickly drawing up. Several times, repeat this action. The pressure that is produced ought to push the paper towels aside and unclog the obstruction.

The time has come to bring in some hot water and soap if the plunger isn’t working. Fill the toilet bowl with a bucket of hot, but not boiling, water. Drops of liquid dish soap should be added. To help soften the paper towels, let this mixture sit for a while.

Plunge Once More: Use the plunger once more after letting the hot water and soap solution rest. As forcefully as before, dive. The hot water and pressure should dislodge the obstruction and allow the fluid to flow through the pipes.

Carefully flush the toilet once the water begins to drain properly to make sure the clog is completely removed. Your toilet has been unclogged successfully if it flushes without any problems.


It might be unpleasant to deal with a toilet that is clogged with paper towels, but with the appropriate method, you can address the problem quickly and get your bathroom back to working order. Recall to exercise patience and adhere to the directions provided in this manual. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to get treatment from a professional to prevent any more issues. With the help of these suggestions and a little perseverance, your toilet will be functional once more in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use chemicals to clear a paper towel-clogged toilet?

A1: Although chemical drain cleaners are available on the market, we typically don’t advise using them to unclog a toilet blocked with paper towels. These substances have the potential to harm the environment and your plumbing system. Additionally, they might not be as efficient against paper towels or other tough clogs. For a safer and more environmentally responsible solution, stick with the plunger and hot water procedure described above.

What should I do if, despite my best efforts, the toilet is still clogged?

A2: It’s time to call a licensed plumber if you’ve tried flushing and using hot water but the toilet is still clogged. Continued use of DIY solutions could result in more serious plumbing issues and possible damage. Even the toughest blockages can be removed safely and effectively by a plumber with the knowledge and tools necessary.


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