How to delete Facebook account on the phone in 4 simple steps

How to delete Facebook account on the phone in 4 simple steps – With few exceptions, people normally access Facebook through their desktops during working hours or probably while conducting a research works. Thus, it has become somewhat as a refrigerator which we always open it, hoping for some meaningful or enjoyable element to be preserved within it.

Nowadays, if you have a smartphone, using Facebook mobile is no doubt the most commonly done thing as you can perform all the similar actions you do on a computer. In this article, we would like to show you how to remove your account on phones with four easy steps.

Therefore, assuming that now you have convinced yourself that you will stop using the FB account in the phone and probably any reason why you need to deactivate, let us start discussing how to switch off a Facebook acccount in the phone.

  • . Open Facebook application from your phone using login credentials or ii. Access your profile on the app via email. To this end, click on the 3 small vertical lines (shown in illustration below) towards the upper-right corner to access Settings & Privacy and therein choose Settings.
  • Scroll down at Your information on Facebook App and select the control and Account Owner in the below picture.
  • Click on Account ownership and control then Account deletion and deactivation. Go the next page by pressing the option ‘Deactivation and deletion’ of the right arrow.
  • If you are sure of your decision and would like to delete your FB account, mark on Delete my account. Your Facebook account will be permanently removed from the Facebook server once you enter your password. Email will also notify you that you are no more a member of FB.

If you decided to delete it forever, then go ahead and delete it but if you want to disable your account for some period of time and come back, you can absolutely do it too just by choosing “Deactivate account”. The choice is yours! Ok friends, I trust that you have mastered the art of deleting a Facebook account page on phone.

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