How to Create a Business Facebook Page

How to Create a Business Facebook Page – Setting up a Facebook business profile does not have to be complex. Probably, you will already possess all the images, text, and ideas needed for creating a Facebook business profile. All you need to launch the page is to sit and follow certain simple steps.
Therefore, this article will review making a Facebook for business. Ensure to have launched that page by the close of business of this day.

Before you create a Facebook business page, you should log into your personal Facebook account. But don’t worry: you do not have to give out your real name, and so on.
Hence, if you have not done so, sign into your account, and start creating the Page.

Table of Contents

1st step:

  • Start by visiting Decide if you need a business/brand page or community/public figure page. In this case, we will suppose you create a page for a certain corporation or logo that in fact, therefore select it and press “get started” . These are either “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure”. Then put your firm info. For your page name either use your company’s name or any name other people will search for when looking for your company.
  • On the search bar at the top of the menu, just write a few characters describing your type of business under one of categories. For instance, if your company belongs to more than one class select the one which is probably in the customer mind first when it thinks of Your Company. We will demonstrate this process later in this lesson and also show you how to create additional categories.
    A consumer can always go for a different brand. Once you choose a category, other details that are supposed to be included like address and contact lines will appear automatically in it. This option is on how you can either make this information public or just showcase only your city and the state where you come from.
  • Select Continue when you’re finished. Be informed that any participation in such means, you are agreed with Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events Policies that you have an opportunity to view here beforehand moving on.

Step 2:

  • You will require a profile picture as well as a cover photo for your Facebook page. You first visual impression is important therefore choose well. Ensure the chosen photographs match the brand of your company and remain clearly identifiable to people as originating from your firm.
    The first step will be uploading your photo. The picture is placed next to your company name on the search results and the contacts’ page. You can even see it at the top-left of your personal profile on Facebook.
  • It is advisable, especially for a famous brand which always employs its logo. If you are a celebrity or a public figure, a picture of your face will be very helpful. If you are a local company, try a well-shot snap shot of your signature product. However, the most crucial point is to ensure that a prospective follower or customer finds it easier to identify your web site.
  • We stated that your Facebook profile picture comes at 170 x 170 pixels on a desktop and 128 x 128 pixels on a mobile in this article about the absolute highest quality images for every social network. Ensure that there is nothing vital at the corners because it will be cropped round.
  • Simply upload a good picture by clicking on Upload Profile Picture. Choose your cover photo, which will be the most prominent picture of your firm’s Facebook business page.
  • This photo must be able to convey the personality of your brand as well as represent your brand in its entirety. At a resolution of 820 by 312, it will be exhibited on a desktop while it will demonstrate at a resolution of 640 by 360 on a handheld device. It should have at least 400 horizontal pixels and 150 vertical pixels, although it is better to upload in 720 x 315 pixel format.


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