How to call a number that blocked you

How to call a number that blocked you – Have you ever needed to call someone but were unable to because they had blocked your number? It might be frustrating, especially if you’re attempting to get in touch for a good cause. Fortunately, there are approaches to contacting a blocked number, and in this article, we’ll look at the approaches and tactics to support you in doing so. Read on to learn the methods that will enable you to get in touch with the person on the other end of the line if you’ve ever wondered how to call a number that has blocked you.

Knowledge of Call Blocking

Let’s first examine the causes of number blocking before moving on to the solutions. Most smartphones have a feature called call blocking that enables users to stop certain phone numbers from contacting them. This is a tactic that people may use to avoid telemarketers, unwelcome calls, or even to block an ex-partner.

Observe boundaries and your privacy

It’s crucial to respect the other person’s privacy and limits before attempting to call a blocked number. Someone may have blocked your number for a valid reason, such as the desire to keep a safe distance or to prevent harassment. Always act responsibly and only apply the following techniques to legitimate goals.

*Step 1: Hide your caller ID by dialing *67

Using the *67 feature before dialing the person’s number is a simple technique to call a blocked number. This is how it goes:

Pick up the phone, then dial *67.
Dial the desired blocked number after pressing *67.
The recipient’s phone will display “Private” or “Blocked” as your caller ID.
Your call should be answered if the recipient hasn’t specifically blocked “Private” or “Blocked” calls.
This approach might work, but bear in mind that some people might have a general policy of barring all unlisted or private numbers.

Method 2: Dial a different number to get in touch with them

Consider calling the person from a different phone number if the *67 trick doesn’t work or if you want to make sure your call gets through. It might be a Google Voice number, a backup phone, or even a friend’s phone. The likelihood that your call will be answered is increased if you call from a different number.


Despite the fact that calling a blocked number may appear difficult, it is not impossible. You can improve your chances of getting through to the person you need to contact by using techniques like *67 or calling from a different number. It’s crucial to keep in mind the value of respecting the other person’s privacy and limits, though. If your calls are still being blocked, think about using an other form of contact to get your point through, like sending a text or an email. In the end, respect and care for others are the foundation of effective communication.

Questions and Answers

Is it legal to use these techniques to call a blocked number?
A1: Using these techniques to call a blocked number is legitimate. They don’t involve any unlawful behavior. However, it’s important to use them sensibly and with consideration, without intending to annoy or upset the other person.

When dialing a blocked number, may I leave a voicemail?
A2: Whether you can call a blocked number and leave a voicemail depends on the recipient’s phone’s particular settings. Your message might not be received if they have their phone set to reject voicemails from blocked or unidentified numbers. Always strive to keep your communication courteous and succinct.


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