How to access and use the Facebook Marketplace

How to access and use the Facebook Marketplace – Would you like to avoid installing the app yet still use Facebook Marketplace? No issue. We will consider some ways for the FB online store on the internet without a program in this article.

Facebook shop provides users within a certain area to buy and sell goods.( It is a convenient way of getting rid of unwanted products or buying new and secondhand commodities at your area.

People who use iOs and android phones can install the Facebook Marketplace App but one can also go the website in various ways.

Accessing Facebook Marketplace.

Shop is one of the most important functions, allowing users to trade goods within their locality. this is a handy way to trade what no longer meets your needs, look for second-hand and sellable items around.

You can use the online shop in several ways:

You can use the shopping feature on the go through your mobile phones, for example, on iOS and android devices. Once you log-in, find the icon, then start using it.

The shop is available through Facebook’s website for both desktop and mobile users.

However, with the Messenger app, users have an option of online shopping on their iOs powered or android phones.

Choose what will work most suitable for you. The app allows you to shop from your mobile phone right from your house without having to leave it!

Other means of reaching the Facebook Marketplace 

It is vital to highlight other ways by which Facebook can be accessed.
Therefore, it is alright to love the shop without using messenger or downloading of the application to access the site as other options are made available for this. Without installing any extra application or software, you will be able to buy and sell your goods among your neighbors.


The shop is accessible by both desktop as well as mobile customers on the site. Just log into your account and click on the “marketplace” icon located on the left-hand side menu. They allow you to search for local offers, shop and even posting your own stuff for the sale.

Mobile browser

It is possible to visit the store using Mobile browsers such as Safari and Chrome, for those who might not want to download the application or use messenger. Check the marketplace by going to the website, logging in, and clicking the above “Marketplace” symbol.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook app.

Shopping without an app also has its upsides and downsides. Among the benefits are the following:

Less data usage
This implies that a website may involve much less traffic compared to the FB online store app.

Compatibility with older devices
The shop is still accessible via a browser even when an old model device is incompatible with the latest version of the app.

Increased access to on-line based services.
When using a web browser on the Facebook shop, other web-based services such as Messenger, events, and groups will be used as well.

The following are some possible drawbacks of using FB shop without the app:

Reduced functionality
It might be more convenient to use the FB app instead of a Web browser for visiting Marketplace with the help of more options and features available in it.

Possible security risks
Using the Marketplace on a web-based platform may compromise your security since such options tend to be not as safe compared to applications.

Lack of offline access
With no internet you can access Marketplace using the FB App. It cannot be done when accessing the shop through a web browser.

Access Facebook’s marketplace without creating an account.

You can only be able to access the online store upon creation of an account. In order to access the online store, you should have an active FB account and be signed in.

In this respect, it is restricted to customers who have accounts on the actual Facebook platform. One must only be logged into an account in order to use the online shop.

In order to come up with an account, you should give in your name, an e-mail address, your birthday and sign for the website rules.

After that, log in and click on FB marketplace that is located at the left side of your FB’s homepage.

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