Facebook Dating: Does Facebook Dating Show Your Friends

Facebook Dating: Does Facebook Dating show your friends – Facebook Dating hit major headlines upon its debut in 2019, attracting a lot of attention regarding what it is about and the working dynamics involved. Among the many inquiries made by individuals is the one which asks whether any Facebook users can view the Facebook Dating feed. This answer, however, is not that straightforward and there is more than one point of view on the matter. The purpose of this blog is to understand if there are people in Facebook Dating who are my friends and what is the reason for keeping up with the readings. Well, if you want to know how Facebook Dating works, read on further.

Can my friends see what I do on Facebook Dating?

The advent of online dating has not spared even Facebook. There is a recent entry into Facebook dating known as Facebook Dating. This has made the social media world to be inquisitive about whether their friends can view their profiles on a hook up.

What is Facebook Dating?

The Facebook Dating started last year in the US, with it being introduced in few other countries across the globe. Facebook has a special area in its application where users build a dating profile which is different from the normal one provided by Facebook.

This attribute makes it possible for the users to get partners who may have similar tastes, likes and common friends. People can also sign up for groups or events relevant to their interests in order to increase their chances of meeting with persons they would desire to meet.

Does Facebook Dating show your friends?

The short answer is no. This is because on Facebook Dating there is no connection between users and their friends and you can only communicate with people who show interest in you. Also, dating profile is a separate entity from your normal Facebook profile which your FB friends cannot see.

You are able to select information from your normal Facebook profile such as name, age and photographs to appear in your dating profile. However, you have control over what you say and what remains secret.
Privay and Secure measures on facebook dating.

Facebook put in place various security measures to maintain a safe platform for all its users while using the dating feature. Indeed, for example purposes, individuals can only match with those that fall in a certain distance radius.

In addition, Facebook introduced a secret crush function where users can add up to nine of their Facebook friends to the list without sharing it with anybody else. In case, one of those friends additionally includes the user as a secret crush; they will both be notified, and they will now talk on the dating site.

Additionally, Facebook Dating enables users to block or report others who do not adhere to the community guidelines of the platform.


Finally, Facebook Dating is part of the Facebook app specifically created for people who want to seek dates according to their likes and interests and shared network friends. Dating happens in a special section on Facebook separated from the standard profile. Besides, other people are not able to see what you choose to do as this is private information.

To this end, Facebook put in place several security and privacy measures to protect its users in the dating section. Such methods include location matching, Secret Crush, and the capability of blocking and reporting other users.

Generally speaking, Facebook Dating is a good platform for meeting potential dates; you are unlikely to be exposed to any danger as no one will know that you are using the feature to look for partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data stored in Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating operates as a different entity from your mainstream Facebook account, and it will not display your Facebook buddies in particular. Nonetheless, it might indicate those individuals that you already know who used Facebook Dating and match your preferences.

Is it possible for me to access Facebook dating without being on Facebook?

No; people with pre-exiting profiles are the eligible ones for using Facebook dating services. Some of the advantages associated with online shopping are listed below. You must also have a Facebook account before using Facebook dating as it is part of the Facebook website.


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