9 Most Expensive Electric Cars

Costliest Electric Vehicles – Even though electric cars are expensive, they have been popular among the public. Depending on the pricing model, an electric vehicle can cost as much as $100 00. One of the major determinants that make people opt for electric cars is their high cost. Though, in the long term perspective other factors should be taken into consideration like lower operating costs and environmental impact while assessing its value of electric cars.

Some of the most expensive electric car brands include:

1. Tesla: Tesla is one of the popular electric car brands that manufacture a variety of models like Model S Plaid which has an introductory price tagged at $135,000.

2. Porsche: Porsche provides its Taycan Turbo S, an electric sports car with a starting price of approximately $ 185,00

3. Lucid: The Lucid Motors company manufactures an electric sedan called the Sapphire, and it starts from $16900.

4. Rimac: Rimac has the Nevera, an electric hypercar for around $2 million.

5. Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce’s first electric vehicle, the Spectre, costing about $400 thousand apiece is already being developed.

6. Cadillac: Cadillac is developing the Celestiq, an electric sedan with a base MSRP of approximately $200,

7. BMW: BMW has an electric sedan i7, which starts at approximately $100K.

8. Audi: This electric sports car by Audi comes for a starting price of around $100 0, which is the e-tron GT.

9. GMC: The GMC Hummer EV is an electric SUV produced by General Motors with a base price of about $100, 0.

The electric car brands boast performance, luxury and exclusivity at ultra-rich levels. These electric cars can cost from hundreds of thousands to millions, which makes them some of the most expensive brands.

Are there any Luxury Car Brands that make Electric Cars in a Lower Price Point.

Yes, there are some luxury brands which have made electric car with comparative lower price. According to iSeeCars.com, the least costly luxury electric car is Tesla Model 3 which costs $40240;

The more affordable luxury electric cars brands such as Polestar 2, BMW i4 and BMW I5, Lucid Air Genesis Electrified G80 Porsche Taycan Audi e tron GT are also available. These high-end electric cars come with advanced features, much superior performance and super luxurious interiors; All this at a cheaper price as compared to other luxury brands of eco vehicles.

Moreover, there are also economical non-luxury electric cars including the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt and Hyundai Kona Electric whose base price is $3500 or less.

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